The Mini Truck also known as the Kei Truck originated in Japan in 1964. In Japan they are used for everything from work on the farm to deliveries to fire engines. The term Kei refers to the Kei class of vehicle in Japan which is a sub-compact class with engine displacement limited to 660cc. The compact size of these vehicles allows them to go almost anywhere, through small city streets, or on narrow country roads or through the rice patties. Kei vehicle regulations have been upgraded repeatedly over the years, mainly to meet ever tightening emissions laws and safety requirements. This means that through the years of production, the Japanese have really perfected these little trucks.

We only sell top quality class "A" vehicles at unbelievable prices. Factory stock trucks are also available.

Having and enclosed cab with heaters (some have A/C) and safety belts they are a lot safer and more comfortable than other types of off road 4 x 4’s.

The Japanese Kei class mini trucks are the unbeatable alternative to a higher priced Mule, Rhino, Gator or any other off road vehicle with much more uses and options. It is also nice to have an enclosed cab with heater, windshield wipers, safety belts and headlights making your 4 x 4 experience the ultimate outdoors adventure with safety and comfort.

Mini Trucks are great on fuel with up to 50 miles per gallon. Our mini trucks come to us with very low mileage. We decide on which trucks are shipped to us, we don’t just take a container of random trucks! You will find that we have high standards on all of our products. All of our great mini trucks are inspected by our certified mechanic to make sure they have no mechanical defects. We inspect the trucks when they arrive to make sure they meet our satisfaction. We do a complete service on all the trucks we sell (change oil, air filter, spark plugs and plug wires, timing belt if needed, check cooling system).

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